Family Owned Sheep Farm & Woolen Mill

We're a family owned farm and woolen mill in east-central Wisconsin.

Paul & Carol Wagner - Owners

Paul & Carol Wagner, Wisconsin

Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill has been providing custom fiber processing since 1997. Our specialty is unique and beautifully blended rovings with many stunning, one-of-a-kind colors that are perfect for spinning and felting. We also offer custom carding services, quilts and batts, yarns, raw wool, sheepskins, and sheep.

 Hidden Valley Farm Woolen Mill Wisconsin

We live on the farm where Paul grew up. When we first moved here, Carol wanted a few sheep to supply fiber for her knitting hobby, and in 1986, that led us to acquiring a few "generic" sheep.  At that time, Carol was teaching high school German at Notre Dame Academy in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and growing produce for the farmer's market during the summer. 

As we learned more about raising sheep, we started evaluating the many different sheep breeds with the intention of expanding our flock.  By this time, Carol had begun hand spinning and knew she was looking for something special. We settled on the Coopworth breed, which is native to New Zealand, because they are a meat producing animal that also yields a quality wool.

Wool Rovings Wisconsin

We had been direct marketing our wool yarn, batts, and roving at local farmer's markets for several years when we expressed an interest in acquiring a carding machine from Dale and Kay Kaufman of Valders, Wisconsin.  We wanted to be able to do our own fiber processing so that we had more control over the quality of our finished products.  The opportunity came along a time when Carol was ready to leave her teaching career and try something new.

The 8-ton, 1921 Davis & Furber single breaker carding machine came home to roost in 1997.  Of course, such a large machine needed a special home, so Paul set about constructing the woolen mill building using recycled barn boards and materials to create a spinner’s dream.  Not only does the Mill house the carding machine, it also includes a storefront on the first floor, and classroom space and additional shop items on the second floor.

We love sharing our passion for sheep and fiber processing with everyone we meet, whether that is at farmer’s markets, fiber festivals, or here on our farm.

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Carrie Flores - Assistant

Carrie Flores

Carrie began her journey at Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill by taking spinning lessons with Carol 10 years ago. Her love affair with hand spinning and fiber quickly extended to sheep as well. We’re proud to say we’ve helped Carrie start her own flock, which now boasts 7 sheep, including her beloved Blackberry!

Most days you can find Carrie washing and dyeing wool, providing guest service and farm tours, or working the sheep.  You name it, she helps with it!  She’s our shepherd-in-training and has become Carol’s trusty assistant.

Carrie sells a limited number of handmade items, including wool jewelry, sheep photos, greeting cards, and other items.