Custom Carding Services

We offer expertise in a variety of woolen mill services.

Prices effective 1/1/2022**

Washing & Carding Services

We can process your raw or pre-washed fleeces into roving or batts at the rates listed below.  Contact us for an estimated time to expect your finished items.

Wash $7.50/lb
Re-wash $4.00/lb
Fine wash $10.50/lb
Skirting $25.00/hour
Picking (for washed fiber only) $10.00/lb
*Carding - Roving (3 lb minimum) $8.15/lb
*Carding - Side-by-Side Roving $10.15/lb
*Carding - Quilt Batt $8.15/lb
*Carding - less than 3 lbs $11.00/lb
*Carding - Exotic Fibers
(includes mohair, alpaca, llama, Angora rabbit)


Combed Top - White
(for blending with alpaca or llama fiber)


Combed Top - Brown
(for blending with alpaca or llama fiber)


Combed Top - Black
(for blending with alpaca or llama fiber)


*Carding cost includes picking


  • Washing costs are based on incoming weight.
  • We reserve the right to wash all incoming fiber.
  • Fiber is re-weighed after washing to determine the carding weight.
  • Finished roving will be wrapped into approximately 8 ounce balls.
  • When carding alpaca or llama fiber, it must have at least 20% wool added in order to card correctly.  We reserve the right to add more than 20% wool if needed.
  • When carding mohair, the maximum mohair content we can include is 50% mohair/50% wool.

Quilt Services

Recondition an Old Quilt

Do you have an existing wool quilt batt that needs cleaning and reconditioning?  We can take those well-loved batts and make them like new again!

Remove Old Covering $20.00/quilt
Recondition Quilt Batt $8.85/lb
Quilt Batt Wool Added (as needed) $18.00/lb


  • There are several reasons that new wool will need to be added to your reconditioned quilt batt.  A small amount of the old wool will be lost during the carding process.  We also add new wool to revive the older wool and ensure that the finished batt is the full weight/size you requested.

Finished Quilts

Are you looking for a finished wool quilt?  We can make finished quilts either from your reconditioned quilt batt, your newly carded quilt batt, or one of our standard wool batts.  The wool batt will be encased in a plain muslin covering and finished with yarn ties.  Quilt prices listed below include hemming and tying.

Crib $115.00
Bunk $120.00
Twin $125.00
Full $130.00
Queen $135.00
King $140.00
Muslin Covering $5.89/yard


  • Customer can provide their own cotton fabric for the quilt covering if desired.
  • We do not recommend using reconditioned batts in a king-sized quilt.

Supplying Your Own Fabric for Quilts

You are welcome to provide your own fabric for us to make your finished quilt.  The amount of fabric needed is based on the finished quilt size.

Crib 3 1/2 yards
Bunk 6 1/8 yards
Twin 8 1/8 yards
Full 9 1/3 yards
Queen 10 1/3 yards


12 1/3 yards


  • If you are providing your own fabric, please also supply Red Heart brand yarn in a coordinating color for tying the quilt.
  • More fabric may be needed to match one-way prints, plaids, or stripes.
  • If you are using different fabric on the top and bottom sides of the quilt, divide the listed measurements in half to determine the amount needed of each fabric.
  • If you have any questions about how much fabric will be needed for your quilt, please don't hesitate to contact us.

New Quilt Batts

Are you looking for a new wool or polyester quilt batt for your quilting project?  See our Quilt Batt page for pricing on our standard size quilt batts for your project needs.

Custom Orders

Contact us to discuss any custom or large quantity orders.

    Things to Know Before Ordering

    If you have any questions about your order or would like to discuss your woolen mill service needs, please contact us.


    • You can send your fiber to us through any shipping service of your choice.  We have found that US Mail is typically the cheapest method to ship fiber.
    • When shipping fiber back to you, we primarily use US Mail.  Depending on your location, we may use Spee-Dee Delivery Service instead.  We can also use the shipping service of your choice - just let us know what service you would prefer.


    • Please include your name, address, and phone number in each bag of fiber that you ship to us.
    • Also include instructions on how you'd like the wool to be processed.
    • When shipping fiber for quilt batts, please include the size of batt you would like.  See our Quilt Batt page to reference standard finished weights/sizes.


    • Payment for carding or quilt services can be made by cash, check, or credit card.


    • We do our best to pick the fiber apart, but any fiber that is felted will be returned to you, due to our carding machine's limitations.
    • We cannot process straight exotic fibers (mohair, alpaca, llama, Angora rabbit).  They need to be blended with wool in order to process correctly through our carding machine.
    • We are not able to process overly fine fibers.  If you have a fine wool you are interested in carding, contact us to find out if we can process your specific type of wool.

    **If we received your fiber or quilt project prior to 1/1/2022, our previous rates will apply to your services.