Wool Quilt Batts

Standard Sizes

Contact us to order our standard size batts.

Batt Weight Batt Size Price
1 lb Crib $18.00
1½ lbs Crib/Lap $27.00
2 lbs Bunk $36.00
2½ lbs Twin $45.00
3 lbs Full $54.00
3½ lbs Queen $63.00
4 lbs King $72.00

Custom Batts

In addition to the standard sizes listed above, we can also make custom batts to fit your needs based on the desired weight and size.  Contact us to discuss options and pricing.

Batt Reconditioning

Do you have an existing wool quilt batt that needs cleaning and reconditioning?  We can take those well-loved batts and make them like new again!  Visit our Carding Services page for more information.